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Now there are news on the homepage of Family Hartmann.

The travelogues of our vacation in Morocco in November 2010 and Sardinia in May 2011 are online in the vacation section.


01.11.2010 is online.

Our new donain is online. Why did we change the domain? There are some reasons.
After the birth of our second son Jan, Chroistiane and Michael represented only 50% of the entire family, so the old domain was not suitable anymore. At the same time our former Internet provider went bankrupt. This time we were not able to recover the old domain. So we did the change. This time we have chosen an internet provider who is well established and hopefully he will survice the next years.

What's new now:
- We changed our background colour and hope it's a bit more friendly for your eyes
- The picture section provides more pictures to you
- Some more pages are available in Englisch (as this one for example)
- Available unfortunately only in German is in the vacation section a copy of our second internet project Here you can read our diary of our adventure trip of 2 months in a camper van throughout Italy.


The first pictures of Jan are online